Royston Evangelical Church Sunday Services Children & Youth Weekday Meetings
Activities - Weekday meetings
Bible Fellowship – Monday mornings at 10.00

Come and join us for a women’s Bible study, tea and chat in a child friendly atmosphere.  You don’t have to bring a child but children are welcome to come and play while the study takes place!

Thursday Mornings at 10.30

Each week we meet to study the Bible together and play board games together.  On the 2nd Thursday of the month we start at 12.30 and have lunch together with a short talk.

Thursday Evenings at 8.00

We meet on Thursday evenings each week for Home groups to reflect on the Sunday sermon, to study the Bible together and to pray.  Contact us for details of the Home groups and where they meet.

Friday Afternoon at 2.00

As well as the Thursday evening Home groups, there is an afternoon Home group for people who are not free in the evenings.  Contact us for details of where we meet.