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We are a group of about 45-50 people living locally who meet together to worship Jesus and to tell others about him.  Read some of our stories about how we became Christians:

Sandra Stokes

My name is Sandra Stokes, I’m married, have 3 grown-up children, a grandson, and am a part time learning support assistant.  This is how I became a Christian…

I was born in Royston and went to church every Sunday with my family.  But it didn’t mean much to me and when my dad died suddenly aged 42 (when I was 17), I thought “How could God let that happen?” – and stopped going to church.

My sister became a Christian in her twenties and invited me to go to REC.  She had to invite me many times before I agreed to go!  But when I did, I felt that God was speaking personally to me.  It was amazing!  I realised I needed God’s forgiveness and I learned that Jesus died on the cross in my place – for what I’d done wrong.  So one night I prayed asked Jesus to come into my life.  The next day I was filled with an inexpressible joy.

I still do and say things I shouldn’t.  But I know that God forgives me and is working to change me.  In the Bible Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”.  I would encourage you to do what the Bible says and “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

I would rather believe in an endless hope than a hopeless end!  I don’t have all the answers to life’s questions - but I trust in God.